Why Choose a Veterinary Behavior Consultant for Your Pet?

When addressing your pet’s behavioural concerns, consulting with a veterinary behaviour consultant offers significant advantages over a standard veterinary visit. While all veterinarians can provide behavioural consultations, the time constraints of a typical appointment, often lasting 20-40 minutes, may limit the depth of assessment, comprehensive management planning, environmental adjustments, and initiation of behaviour modification required, as well as the introduction of medications if necessary.

A dedicated behaviour consultant invests 3-4 hours in each case, gathering information from questionnaires and medical notes, to identify the root causes of behaviour problems, including ruling out any underlying medical issues. They create a tailored treatment plan and collaborate with veterinarians and specialist trainers. They often also hold additional qualifications.

The range of problems that veterinary behavioural consultants address spans from fear and anxiety to reactivity and aggression, hyperactivity, compulsive behaviours and cognitive dysfunction/decline. No concern is considered too minor or too significant for their care.

At Pet Logic, our Veterinary Behavior Consultant, Dr. Liam Brown, has both additional qualifications and extensive experience in handling behaviour cases.

Entrusting your pet to a behaviour consultant guarantees a thorough approach to behavioural concerns and ongoing care.

Our core principles revolve around empathy, clarity, and a holistic approach to your pets mental and physical health.


Effective communication is paramount in building a strong bond with our pets. Clear and consistent cues help our dogs comprehend what is expected of them, reducing confusion and frustration. By maintaining clear communication and employing consistent training techniques, we establish clear boundaries and expectations, ultimately fostering a harmonious and balanced dynamic between pets and their owners.


¬†Empathy is the foundation of understanding and connecting with our pets. By empathising with their emotions and needs, we can tailor our recommendations to meet each individual pet’s unique requirements. Just as we strive to put ourselves in their paws, we aim to understand their perspective, allowing us to adjust our training methods to their emotions and needs.

Holistic Approach

We believe that behaviour problems require a holistic approach, considering the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your pets health. The approach involves looking at the pet’s diet and supplements, sleeping habits, exercise, mental stimulation and genetic fulfilment. It is important to understand your pets natural instincts and behaviours and allow them to express themselves in a healthy and suitable manner.