Frequently Asked Questions

We assist people and pets with a range of behaviour-related issues, from basic training for normal healthy pets with problem behaviours to therapeutic intervention for pets with complicated medical and psychological problems, such as behaviour disorders or mental health problems.

You would benefit from our services if any or all of the following apply:

  • Your pet is displaying problematic or undesirable behaviour.
  • Your pet’s behavior is causing stress to you or your family.
  • You are confused, upset, frustrated, or concerned about your pet’s behaviour.
  • You would like advice and support in regards to changing your pet’s behavior.
  • Your pet is struggling with aspects of everyday life such as going for walks, traveling in the car, visiting new places, interacting with people or other animals, or being left home alone.
  • Your pet is not making progress with training or attempts to address the undesirable behavior.
  • You think your pet may be suffering from anxiety or a behavior disorder.
  • You have been referred or recommended to see us by your vet or trainer.

A typical initial veterinary behavior consultation starts with you filling in a questionnaire about your pet and their lifestyle. This can tell us a lot about your pet and helps us prepare for our initial consultation.

The consultation will involve further history taking, observation of your pet’s behavior, getting to know you and your pet, making an assessment, and making a diagnosis of the behavior problem(s). Then, a report and treatment plan are tailor-made for your pet. This may either be sent to you or presented in a further consultation, often by phone. Following the consultation you have access to 3 months of email support. Follow up consultations may be recommended especially for ongoing cases or if medications have been dispensed. 

While I’m not a specialist, I am a qualified vet with a significant interest in behavioral health and many years of training dogs. I have completed additional study through Sydney University Centre for Veterinary Education in Behavior Medicine (one year). I am a member, by examination, of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (MANZCVS) – Veterinary Behavior Chapter. I am a member of the Australian Veterinary Association and the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group.

Currently, there are only five Veterinary Behavior Specialists in Australia, and they are all located in the eastern states of Australia.

This depends on your pet’s needs and what you are wanting to get out of our service. Behavior intervention for pets does involve financial, emotional, and time commitments. If your pet needs medical treatment, then multiple or regular consultations may be required to reassess and adjust their medications or therapy. The frequency of consultations depends on factors such as their diagnosis, the severity of their behavior issues, and how well they respond or stabilize with treatment. It is common for a pet to need a follow-up revisit consultation within 1 to 3 months of their initial appointment. The frequency of consultations may then reduce to approximately every 6 months if your pet is doing well.

Yes, generally, we keep your regular vet informed by sending them a summary of your consultation and treatment plan.  This is especially important if medications have been dispensed. This way, we can all work together as part of a team to provide your pet with the best health care.

Yes, if/when it is necessary. If a medical diagnosis (i.e., a behavior disorder or mental health problem) is found to be the cause of a behavior problem, then medication may be necessary and will be recommended for your pet if/when appropriate. Medication, if used, will always be implemented as part of a holistic behavior therapy plan involving behavior management, modification, and monitoring. Please note the maximum amount of medication that we dispense is 6 months, after which a revisit consultation will be required to reassess the medication and write repeat prescriptions.

There is a $25 prescription fee for each medication prescribed. Prescriptions are valid for a maximum of 6 months, after which a recheck and reassessment of the medication is required.

Fees vary with services provided. For up to date costs please see the bookings page on this site.

Consultation hours are variable but usually during business hours on weekdays.

Currently all of our consultations are mobile. We can meet at your house or at a local park. Whatever is most suitable to you and your pet.

Currently we offer mobile consultations in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Yes, we offer a telemedicine service and can consult via Zoom or phone call. For initial veterinary behaviour consultations conducted via telemedicine (when we are not seeing the patient in the flesh), we will need to liaise with your regular veterinarian to have them implement our recommended medical treatment. This is because we are not legally permitted to prescribe/dispense medication for pets who we have not actually seen face to face. There may be additional charges payable to your regular vet for their time and services in this instance.

Making sure pets are otherwise healthy and fit is an essential part of managing behaviour. However, health concerns are best managed in a general practice, so while we may discuss how to work up these issues in a behavioural consultation, the investigation and treatment of any health concerns are best saved for your general practice vet who has the tools and resources to do the best job.

While lots of my clients and patients come from referrals from dog trainers or other professionals, you’re able to make an appointment without a referral.

You can either use the ‘Contact Us’ button on this website and fill in the form OR send us an email to hello@petlogic.com.au with a short summary of your concerns. Please include your pet’s details, including breed and age.

You will then receive an email which will provide options for consultation, pre-consultation information, and details on how to secure your appointment.