How to book an appointment

The Initial Consultation:

The initial consultation includes:

  • Assessment of a pre-consultation medical and behavioral questionnaire (60 minutes)
  • An initial consultation (60 – 90 minutes) to thoroughly assess your pet’s behaviour
  • Development of a tailored treatment plan
  • 3 months email and phone support for implementation of the treatment plan.
  • NOTE: medications, prescriptions and further training sessions are not included in the consultation fee.

         COST $495

Follow up Consultations:
  • Follow up consultations are a vital part of the process. This is where we work out what is working and what roadblocks you have hit along the way. It allows us to make changes to the initial treatment plan in response to what we have already started.
  • For pets on longterm medications further consultations are required.
  • Consultation is for 30 minutes

        In person or phone follow up medication review consultation

        COST $180


How to book an appointment:

Currently we are only offering mobile consultations in the Perth metropolitan area.

To find out more or book a appointment either:

  1. Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button on this website and fill in the form OR
  2. Email us at with a short summary of your concerns. Please include your pet’s details, including breed and age.

You will then receive an email which will provide options for a consultation, pre-consultation information and details on how to secure your appointment.