Peaceful Home Euthanasia Service

The final chapter in the life of a cherished pet is profoundly challenging for everyone involved. You might seek our home euthanasia service for several reasons, including:

  • Advanced age and declining quality of life
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Physical injuries
  • Persistent pain
  • Behavioral and mental health issues

Our home euthanasia service is designed to support you through these tough times, allowing you to farewell to your beloved companion in the peace and familiarity of your own home. This option can be particularly comforting as it avoids the stress and discomfort that visits to a veterinary clinic might cause for both you and your pet, especially under sensitive conditions.

Dr. Kristin St John is our compassionate and skilled veterinarian who provides this service. She is dedicated to ensuring a dignified, stress free and painless end-of-life experience for your pet in the comfort of their own environment, surrounded by loved ones, whether they be human or animal.

Dr. Kristin deeply appreciates the unique and profound bond that pets and their owners share—a bond that transcends the ordinary, highlighting our pets as irreplaceable family members rather than just pets.

“Every day, I am filled with gratitude for the precious time I was blessed to share with my beautiful fur babies, Lucy and Donny. They crossed my path and enriched my life with every moment we spent together. I dedicate countless smiles and heartwarming laughter to the precious memories we created together. To my dear Lucy and Donny, you will forever reside in my heart.” Dr Kristin

8am – 6pm excluding public

Cost: $448

6pm – 8am, weekends, public holidays and week nights

Cost: $648

After the procedure, we offer compassionate care in handling your pet’s final journey. You have the option for individual/private cremation, where we coordinate with your chosen provider—Lawnswood or Passing Paws. They will reach out to discuss your specific wishes and arrange direct payment. Alternatively, we can facilitate a standard communal cremation, where pets are cremated together and their ashes respectfully scattered at the designated Lawnswood Cemetery. Should you choose, you may also keep your pet with you to make personal arrangements or to directly communicate with crematorium staff.

Patient Transport Service Fee $110

After the procedure has been completed we can transport your pet for standare or individual cremation. 

Private cremation

We can facilitate a private or individual cremation for your pet. After the procedure, we will transport your pet to the crematorium. Following this, your chosen provider—either Lawnswood or Passing Paws—will contact you directly to discuss your specific requirements and arrange for payment.

Standard Communal Cremation Fee $90-110

We offer communal or group cremation services priced between $90 and $110, depending on the size of your pet. This option is suitable for families who do not wish to have their pet’s ashes returned. Alternatively, if you prefer to bury your pet at home or arrange your own cremation service, we can respectfully leave your pet in your care after the procedure.

Payment is conveniently processed over the phone during the booking process. We accept Mastercard, VISA, Eftpos, or Bank Transfer. If you prefer to pay in cash at the time of the procedure, please ensure you provide the exact amount, as our veterinarians do not carry change. Receipts can be emailed or sent the following business day.

Additionally, if you require assistance with your insurance paperwork, our team is here to help.

Please note that the payment methods listed above are the only options available. We are unable to accommodate other payment arrangements.

Direct Bank Transfer Details:

  • BSB 066-190
  • Account 1043 6798
  • Account Name: Pet Logic WA
  • Please include your surname as your reference.

To schedule an appointment, please call the number provided above. If your call isn’t immediately answered, please leave a voicemail message with your name, location, and the urgency of your situation. This information helps us respond to you as promptly as possible and schedule a visit that aligns with your preferences.

We strive to serve most areas within the Perth Metropolitan region, and your details will assist us in accommodating your preferred timing.

Please note, for urgent medical emergencies that require immediate attention, we recommend visiting your preferred Emergency Veterinary Hospital. Our home visit services do not include emergency care, but are focused on providing peaceful end-of-life services in your home environment.